Richard L. Sanchez Joins The Argus Leadership Team

Richard L. Sanchez Joins the Argus Leadership Team

Optical Industry Expert, Richard L. Sanchez, Joins the Argus Leadership Team as Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Argus Dental & Vision, Inc. is pleased to announce that Richard L. Sanchez, former CEO and Founder of Advantica Eyecare, has joined the Argus leadership team as Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances.

Dr. Nick M. Kavouklis, CEO and Founder of Argus Dental & Vision states, “Richard’s years of experience has enabled him to build potent alliances and trusted relationships. Richard’s talents and knowledge will provide a major advantage for Argus in the vision area with significant enhancement to our current vision client services as well as future health plan contracting within the triad of optical, optometric and ophthalmology.”

Mr. Sanchez will be responsible for the growth and development of the Argus Dental & Vision Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) vision program, market share and network expansion strategies, assisting in risk metrics pertaining to health plan and provider contracts, and advising the company on industry trends.