Kid’s Choice Dental Plan Approved

The Florida Exchange Board has approved the Argus Kid’s Choice Dental Plan as a separate, stand-alone dental plan on the Florida Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

Nicholas M. Kavouklis, DMD, Argus Dental & Vision’s President and CEO said, “We are pleased and proud to offer the Argus Kids Choice Dental Plan on the Florida Exchange. Our mission is to provide children and families with access to quality and affordable dental care from our network of caring dentists. When parents choose the Argus Kid’s Choice Dental Plan, they can trust in knowing that their child will enjoy a happier and healthier smile.”

The Kid’s Choice Dental Plan offers 100% coverage on preventive pediatric dental care services, diagnostic services, sealants and fluoride applications, as well as a low monthly premium, so families pay less every month compared to high coverage plans.

Open enrollment for Affordable Care Act dental coverage begins November 1, 2016 and ends January 31, 2017. To sign up for the Argus Kid’s Choice Dental Plan, parents must first enroll in a Marketplace health plan. Afterwards, they will have the option to preview and select a stand-alone dental plan, such as the Kid’s Choice Dental Plan option.

For more information visit, or to enroll in the Argus Kid’s Choice Dental Plan visit

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