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Argus Dental & Vision offers a variety of affordable dental plan options for individuals, families, employer groups and government healthcare programs.


For individuals and families interested in purchasing dental care coverage online, our MasterPlan insurance plan and Smile Card discount program provide high quality benefits and affordable savings.


Our Employer Group Plans include the Capitol Group and ArgusChoice PPO dental plans, designed to deliver excellent benefits coverage and maximum savings to employers and their employees.


We also offer exclusive dental care coverage for children in the state of Florida, through the Florida Healthy Kids program and the Argus Kid’s Choice marketplace exchange program.



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Unlike other dental discount and insurance plans, MasterPlan and Smile Card plans are easy to use and offer 25-75% in savings on annual dental services.


Purchase dental coverage today, with plans starting as low as $8.95 per month!


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Personal Choice of Dentist – over 6300 locations yes yes
No Deductibles yes yes
No Annual Maximums yes yes
No Waiting Periods yes yes
No Claim Forms yes yes
No Pre-Authorizations yes yes
Discounts on vision care – up to 60% – with over 45,000 Vision Providers yes yes
Free Hearing Screening  no yes
Up To 15% off Hearing Aids  no yes
20%-50% off Prescriptions with over 53,000 Retails Prescription Locations  no yes
No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions yes no
No Charge for Routine Cleanings (2 per year) yes  no
No Charge for Fluoride Applications yes  no
No Charge for Periodic Oral Exams yes  no
No Charge for Comprehensive Oral Exams yes  no
No Charge for Bitewing X-rays yes  no
No Charge for Panoramic X-rays yes  no
Individual Rates Per Month
Individual $9.95 $8.95
Individual + 1 $15.95 N/A
Family $23.95 $14.95
Group Rates Price Per Month
Individual $8.95 $7.95
Individual + 1 $14.95 N/A
Family $22.95 $13.95
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