Argus Educational Scholarship Program – Award Winners for Spring 2019

The Argus Educational Scholarship Program is excited to announce the award winners for Spring 2019 – Antwan Alvarez and Andrea Restrepo Paz. Antwan is a Provider Experience Representative and Andrea is a Claims Analyst with Argus!

“I am very thankful to receive the Argus Dental & Vision Scholarship. I first want to thank GOD and Argus for the opportunity to improve my education. Due to my time I have spent with Argus, I now have a clearer view of my path toward reaching my newfound goals. This is an exciting start to my education, as I look forward to earning my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. My drive for accomplishing this stems from my intention of being a better employee, coworker, and member of the Argus Team.“ “

– Antwan Alvarez

“I am honored to be the recipient of the Argus Dental & Vision Education Scholarship. I am very grateful for the opportunity and generous support Argus has given me toward my education. I have had the chance to learn and to grow as a person and as an employee. I am excited to continue my education and keep accomplishing my goals and dreams. I am looking forward to completing my bachelor’s in Global Business/Finance and also attend law school to become an immigration lawyer. Thank you, Argus!”

– Andrea Restrepo Paz

The spirit of AESP is to recognize students that demonstrate conscientiousness and who are self-motivated to work vigorously to achieve educational excellence. Argus Dental & Vision believes educational scholarship programs provide a meaningful opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to encourage and promote effective social responsibility by aiding students willing to exhibit sacrifice and diligence. We believe such personal attributes give individuals, regardless of background, the potential to become contributors for positive change and part of the next generation of leaders.

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