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Argus Dental & Vision

Argus Dental & Vision is a premier benefits organization specializing in flexible benefit plans and affordable premiums for individuals, families, employer groups and health plan organizations of all sizes.

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Argus Educational Scholarship Program – Award Winner for Spring 2018

Argus Educational Scholarship Program is excited to announce the award winner for Spring 2018 – Ann Rast.  Ann will be attending University of Florida’s Licensed Healthcare Risk Management program.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity from Dr. Nick and Argus to receive this scholarship. Just when I thought I had all the schooling I could get, I learned about this program and saw an instant connection to our business and my activities here. With the future on my mind, I know that the opportunities Argus will receive to gain new business abound. I feel that this course and certification as a Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager will not only make me an asset to the organization but will make our organization an asset to AHCA and future partners. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a bright and potential-filled future here at Argus Dental & Vision!”

-Ann Rast



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